Assalamualaikum pembuka bicara hik hik *ktawe gedik. Haha. Pd tanggal 13/12/10 , my dad dcide nak buat bbq n invite cousins skali. Wahh bestnya sooo excited. So mak called MakNgah and MakNgah's son Abg Shah, and also Kak Suraya n MokCu. They were all invited to hv a lovely dinner at my house hee. Rzeki sape nak tolak kan ? So they all agreed n promised will arrive at my house aftr Isya.

Aftr Isya', Kak Suraya came first n informed us that MakCu's famly will b a bit late cause they all went to their house at BBU first than only aftr tht, they'll come to ours. Moments later, MakCu's family arrived, followed by MakNgah's n Abg Shah's family. So here r some pics tadaa :D

Tempting tak? Hee. Inila honey chick or more like hot chick. Kah kah kah XD

Scrumptious tauuu hee

See, ada sotong, ikan, ayam n udang pun ada.


Walaupun agak hangus, tapi sdap tau ! haha

Syarif and Hanan

Inilah dy tukang masak yg berbakat :P

Cousins. Ika, Mimi, Suhaila and Sofia :]

Ada bakat tauu :P

Ayah and Syarif


Kak Suraya n Abg Shah 

Kak Suraya yg comel momel

Makan makan :]

Udang n sotong :]

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