Down in the dumps

Totally not in mood. Patut ke biarkan je ? Hmm takd pape kot ? Mayb aku je yg fkir bkn2 ? Tp diorg tak fkir ke psl aku ? Klua sane sini ? Ouucchh. Can I just calm myself and say "it's okay" ? Well ofcourse, it is not okay for certain ppl. Well, to most ppl actually. And absolutely not to me. Hey you, can't you at least tell me that u're going to hangout with @#$. You didn't tell me a single thing kan ? What am I to u lah ?? And what's up with u going out with @#$ btw hah ? N u knw what, I felt really upset that u nver share ur great experiences with me. I mean I would b delighted to hear ur stories about ur life that makes u happy, well example, about YOUR HOLIDAYS. N wtf I just find out that u share a lil part of story bout ur holiday with @#$. That totally blew me up. Who the f* is @#$ to u lah ? Ur new bestfriend or something ?!


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