I love PINK !

Wahh isnt this cute ? Cute kan ? Hahahah. Okay I bought this new earphone fr my mp4 just bcs it is PINK and too cute to b true *pandangn aku sndiri, sukatila == haha. Wanna see how it looks like when connected to my mp4 ? Okay okayy ! Scroll down laa hihihihi :]

Yee tahu nmpak awkward cause my mp4's skin is green kan ? Green+pink = YUCK. Hhahaha, time beli earphone I sriously forgot tht my mp4 is green n evry Tom,Dick n Henry knows tht pink and green cnnot b a great match, NO WAY ! Hhahaha. Tp nk buat mcm mane kan ? PASRAHHH :P

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